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30 Minute Deals

What are 30 Minute Deals? Think of these deals as a store, magazine or newspaper coupon which are onte time only and/or limited time offers for a product or service. That logic is applied for JustGo Transfers 30 Minute Deals, here you will find coupons which are valid one time only, for a specific date, specific locations and a 30-minute time window pick-up for you to choose from. JustGo & Search for your 30 Minute Deal!

Finding your deal is a very simple procedure, using the options (Date, Location, Type of Service) provided bellow you can refine your search according to your needs. Upon having found a deal that suits you JustGo and click the desired coupon. Upon having clicked on the coupon you will be redirected to the booking step in which you will need to fill details for your transfer reservation. If you can’t find any deal for the desired date head on hover to our Home page and book your transfer using our user-friendly booking engine or come back another time new 30 Minute Deals are constantly being created.

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